In this event we will explore the movements of the body in different ways:

  • with Yoga, to unlock stuck energy
  • with a movement improvisation after the Yoga class, to allow our energy to pass through us, move with us and release it

I know it might sound scary and uncomfortable – especially if it’s your first time in a movement improvisation- but I promise you we are not going to ask you to “perform” in a certain way.

This event will happen via Zoom, in the comfort of your home, your sacred space.

You can keep your camera off for the entire time or only for the movements improvisation.

I want you to feel so safe and comfortable, so that you can enjoy this experience without thinking that you “should” do, say or move in a certain way.

Where are free, only when our mind is free.


  • Beginning Presentation and Introduction
  • 60’ Vinyasa Flow Class – Moving & Breathing Meditation
  • 20’ Movements Improvisation
  • 10’ time for sharing, questions, feedbacks

When you sign up you will receive:

  • the zoom link to access the class

The day of the event you will receive a Spotify playlist to use duing the improvisation.

What I need?

You will need a Yoga mat, comfy clothes, water and Yoga blocks (or fat books) next to you. If it’s possible bluetooth earplugs to enjoy music in a more deeper way

I want you to have a safe and intimate experience with yourself, so that you feel protected in expressing yourself.

I highly recommend asking your family, your partner or people living with you not to disturb you for 90’: that time and space is sacred.

Do you still have questions? Please reach out, I am here for you!