Let’s be honest: talking about menstruation is still a tabu in our society. The purpose of this Blog is not only to suggest you Yoga for menstruation sequences, but also to shine the light on how we can live more in harmony with our 4 different phases of the month.  

There is still a lot of shame around this topic, confirmed by the fact that we use strange names to call the menstruation: 

  • Period 
  • Moon time  
  • My thing  
  • Visit from someone  


We call it in any possible way, clearly avoiding to use terms like: bleeding or blood, still connected to something dirty.  

As a woman, sometimes I still feel ashamed to ask for an emergecy pad out loud to a friend or to to declare that I have no energy because my period came 


Do you feel the same? How do you call your period in your language? 


There is still a lot of work to do in our society to nomalize how the body of a woman works and the beauty around it 

But first of all, to be able to go in that direction, weas woman – need to increase our knowledge around our period, not only from a physical point of view, but also emotional and energetically. 

So, let’s dive in! 


Our 4 phases monthly cycle  


Woman have a 4 phase monthly cycle, while man have 24 hours cycle 


Knowing that, are we surprised that we live in a society that is structured on a 24hs system? 

Woman are asked to show up daily in the same way, with the same amount of energy and concentrationwhen this is not the case.  

Some progress corporate companies are allowing woman to have days off during the menstruation, but we are very far away from acknowledging that we can’t function (and be productive) in the same way during our period 


But let’s dive in in the 4 phases to see what we can learn from those moments and how to get to know ourselves better 


  1. Follicular Phase – Spring – Yin towards Yang  

This phase happens right after your menstruation, when the egg-producing follicles in our ovaries begin to mature and the ovary gets ready to release an egg. 

The lining of the uterus begins to build up, getting ready to welcome a pregnancy – a new life. 

Energetically is a great moment to plan, plant seeds of creation, brainstorm or start new project. It’s our monthly spring.  


  1. OvulationSummer – Yang  

During the ovulation phase our body, mind and creativity are super fertile. We release pheromones at this time, that has been proven to make us more attractive. 

Energetically we are magnetic and we feel invincible. It’s the perfect time to get out in the world, pitching our own ideas and start new collaboration.  

I mean, I literally feel a wonder woman during my ovulation. It’s really our summer! 


  1. Luteal PhaseAutumn – Yang towards Yin  

The luteal phase begins when we ovulate and ends when we menstruate, it’s the longest phase of our cycle (12 to 14 days in most woman). Progesterone turns the endometrium into a soft bed to welcome a fertilized egg. 

Energetically, we start to turn our gaze inwards, be more introspective and get things done. Our brain chemistry supports us in being more focus and finishing projects.  

Maybe we don’t feel like going out a lot, as we crave for more alone time and relax.  


  1. Menstruation – Winter – Yin 

Finally, this is the time of the month when we bleed: we menstruate 

If during a cycle an egg was not being fertilized, our body gets ready to release the uterin lining that’s been building up ever since the follicular phase.  

Energetically, the bleeding time is a moment to rest, conserve our energy and reflect.  

Our physical energy will be the lowest during this time, and it’s a great time to take days off, slow down and practice more gentle yoga styles such as: 

Yin Yoga, Restorative and Yoga Nidra 


Yoga practices for the bleeding time 


  1. Journaling to reflect – set a new intention 

The bleeding time is an incredible opportunity we have to be more intimate with ourselves, and reflect on the past month 


The following are some journaling prompts you can use to reflect at this point of the cycle: 


  1. What was really flowing in the last month? 
  1. Where did I find resistances (inside myself or outside? 
  1. What am I ready to keep and transform in my life? 
  1. What am I ready to let go? 

Set an intention for the next cycle, choose a word – how do you want to feel? 


  1. Meditation  

During our menstruation there is a lot going on in our body, mind and heart 

In order to conserve our energy and to get to know ourselves on a deeper level, meditation is a great tool to use during this time.  

Choose the focus you want to nourish during meditation: your breath, a candle in front of you, your emotions or use the journaling prompts that I wrote above.  


  1. Yin or Restorative Yoga  

If we look at our monthly cycle, the bleeding time the ultimate Yin moment.  

It’s our winter: we do the best we can to conserve our energies, let go what we don’t need anymore. Rest, restore to get ready for Spring. 

This is exactly as Mother Earth does during the winter season: preserve the energy during rough weather conditionsbut even if everything seems dead, under the soil life keeps moving 


That’s why it’s a great moment where to practice Yin or Restorative. Here’s some sequences to practice in those days: 

 20′ Yin Yoga Sequence


 Restorative Sequence: How I am when I am not productive?


30′ Yin Yoga to invite calmness


Do you want to receive 4 different Yoga Evening Practices to rest? (very nourishing during our period)

Click this link to access 4 free yoga classes always available for you:



The more I am connected with my monthly cycle, the more I stop fighting or feeling not productive enough, not strong enough for half of the month. I respect my nature and I stop fighting against it. 

The more I listen to my body I become aware of the great possibilities lying in each phase of my menstruation cycle, respect my body and nourish and celebrate my body as a souce of inspiration and not a source of shame.  

I became familiar with this work through Kate Northrup in the book: “Do Less” – where she guides woman in becoming familiar with our 4 phases and plan our life according to that. Very revolutionary! 

Here’s the link to one of her interviews with Marie Forleo: 

‘Do Less’ — Kate Northrup’s Unorthodox Advice for Ambitious Women 


Now I am really curious about you, how do you live your menstruation? 

Could this Blog maybe open up a different prospective? 


Let me know in the comment section! 

I wish you for today to do less to have more, as Kate says! 

With love