If you are planning to integrate a Yoga routine in your daily life at home with freedom and based on your needs, I will share with you a secret:

it takes time 

Are you surprised? Maybe not :)

The Journey to a new Habit

Every time we want to create a new habit in our life (especially if this new habit is a want and not a duty) we go through a process:

  1. desire
  2. putting the desire in actions 
  3. resistances 
  4. working on resistances – keep showing up 
  5. integration of the new habit 

So from the thought of practicing daily at home (desire) to the consolidated daily yoga routine (integration of the new habit) an interesting journey happens. 

And yes, that Journey is still yoga. 


Because in the middle of this journey we meet resistances (I don’t have enough time, I don’t know what to do, 10 minutes of yoga are not enough, I am not doing the pose correctly – and so on..) and that’s the juicy part

Observing how we react when we are in an uncomfortable situation is practicing awareness and understanding our patterns. 

When do you encounter resistances how do you react?

Do you fight?

Do you fly away?

Do you freeze? 

I invite you to journal, reflect and contemplate this question. Go slow and be kind with you. 

Strategies to keep showing up

In order to consolidate this new habit we need to work on resistances and put in action strategies that allow us to show up for the practice every day. 

Even if you don’t have time or you feel tired, blocked or without inspiration, commit to step/sit on your mat everyday, even for 2 minutes. With time you will see that a new habit (like brushing the teeths) is building and yoga is part of your daily life. 

Here’s some strategies I practice or invited students to do (especially in Teacher Training, where this topic is important and key in their journey) if possible always at the same time of the day

  • Spend time in your sacred space even if you are not practicing an actual sequence. That space will become an island where to go when you need to be alone or introspective. 
  • Sit on your mat and commit for 5 minutes to follow your inhale and your exhale. 5 minutes can be enough for our mind to stop and relax.  
  • Sit on your mat, open your journal and write: How do you feel? What do you need? What can you do in order to meet your needs?
  • Step on your mat and wake up the intelligence of the body. How? Move in any way your BODY wants to move, put your mind at the service of your body. Body first, mind follows. 

Do you want to learn more about the Sacred Space? Scroll down and watch a FB Live where I talk about the Sacred Space. 

One degree revolution

As Coby Kozlowski says, one degree shift can lead to a revolution. Imagine to be in a boat: if you change the course of only 1° or 2° (small daily practices, actions) you will end up in a place completely different from the original course. 

Coby Kozlowski

Sometimes we think that 1° or 2° degrees is not enough. Does it sound familiar?

To me yes, and I need to remind myself every day that 5 minutes on my mat is enough, because I am putting in action something good for me. And everything is enough. 

And despite everything (lack of time, energy etc..) I am showing up for myself. 

We live in a – i am not enough society – the amazing and mind blowing Brenè Brown says:

“We wake up in the morning thinking that we didn’t sleep enough, and we go to bed in the evening thinking: I didn’t do enough today”

But guess what: every human being arrives in this earth complete and whole, you are enough!What you are doing is enough, keep showing up for you!

So take your time and be patient with yourself, every revolution begins with small steps. 

with love,

Videos in order:

left: FB live about the Sacred Space

right: Brenè Brown at TED Talk “The power of vulnerability”