In this Blog Article you will go through a Journey inside the most misunderstood moment in our menstrual cycle: The Premenstrual Phase. We will become aware of this interesting and deep phase of our menstrual cycle and how to cooperate with it, by using different Yoga Tools, on and off the mat.

This comes from my personal experience as a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Practitioner and menstrual cycle awareness Practitioner, an aspect that I am integrating more and more in my personal life and Yoga teaching through the powerful community of women Red School. The School was founded by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer with the mission to let the knowledge around our menstrual cycle emerge again. Visit their website here:

I invite you to make space and time to read this article, maybe sipping a nice cup of tea while you look at the golden and red trees, just outside the windows. What I am learning, as a woman, through Menstrual Cycle Awareness is something deep, profound and eye opening. I hope you will have the same revolutionary experience that I am having in this moment of my life.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Menstrual Cycle Awareness is defined as our core of Wild Power awareness. By paying attentions to our different phases of our menstrual cycle, “it allows us to get to know our unique rhythms of power and learn how-to live-in sync with it, heal your menstrual symptoms and awaken our personal wild Power Revolution” (Wild Power – discover the magic of your menstrual cycle and awaken of the Feminine power).

The more I practice Menstrual Cycle Awareness in my life, the more I discover an underground current that travels at the base of our essence, that we thought that it was completely forgotten, but it was always there with us: so deep, profound and revolutionary. Thousands of years of patriarchy wiped out, censured and distorted the knowledge around a woman’s body, its own physical, emotional and spiritual tides and phases.

To be able to survive in a world without any economic, financial, social and relational safety, we learned how to be disconnected from our body and be ashamed by our own blood. We learned new strategies to cope with an unsafe world – as a survival mechanism. If you are interested of my view of Patriarchy as a form of collective trauma, click here:

But I feel in my bones that this underground world and river is slowly re-emerging, can you feel it as well? The Feminine Power is reclaiming its own space back. My personal way to reconnect to my own unique Feminine Power began with Menstrual Cycle Awareness. Today let’s dive deep into the Inner Autumn of our menstrual cycle: the premenstrual phase.

Inner Autumn | Premenstrual Phase

For many of us the premenstrual phase is very misunderstood, feared and mismanaged. Its own sharpness, delicateness and truth-speaking moments can be quite uncomfortable. It’s a moment when our body starts to ask for more rest, our energy starts to retreat, and our heart starts to speak its own truth.

I used to see this phase as very uncomfortable for me and others around me. Around day 20 of my cycle, I start to be very annoyed by small things not flowing as I would love to. I often feel intolerant, inpatient and with an edgy on an emotional level. It’s the time of the cycle when the inner critic shows up telling me that if I need to rest more, there is something is wrong with me; she is telling me that I shouldn’t feel pain, that I should be more productive and that I am way TOO emotional. If you want to learn more about the Inner Critic click here:

Sounds familiar?

If yes, I would love to share with you how the intersection between Yoga off & on the mat tools and the Menstrual Cycle Awareness can teach us how to cooperate with this phase and transform its edginess in our superpower.

Transforming the edginess in your superpower

Yoga Off the Mat

From weapons to tools

The Blessings that I learned though Yoga Off the Mat tools during the last year are:

  • to flip my mindset
  • to channel what I am feeling with a growing mindset
  • to use the language as an ally (“Words can be doors or can be walls” as the late Marshall Rosenberg used to say)


Regarding the specific moment of the premenstrual phase, what if we learn how to flip & channel its own sharpness, vulnerability and connection with ourselves in superpowers?

What If we can learn how to shift from being annoyed to reclaiming our own space, silence and time for us – with gratitude instead of guilt.What if we can learn how to shift from thinking that we are too emotional to learn how to channel those emotions to speak our truth.What if we can learn how to shift from feeling edgy to learn how use that sharpness to set boundaries, learn how to say no, finish open business and cut off the b*****it.

The more I practice that, the more I feel empowered and less judge as an emotional woman walking around, just because I have a uterus that is getting ready to bleed. I feel powerful because I am learning how to stay comfortable in a moment of contraction, face my own inner critic and shadow side. I feel powerful because I am recalling and reclaiming the feminine Power, the power that relies on the cyclical way of living, the power of surrendering to the process of creation.

I find magical and spectacular that we, as women, have the chance to go through the process of creation – birth, live, dissolution and pause – every single month. Don’t you find it spectacular as well?

Journaling Exercise: next time you find yourself in the Premenstrual Phase, open your journal and write down how you are feeling. Choose something about yourself that you find annoying and transform it in your superpower: flip it, channel it – be it.

Yoga on the mat

Soothing, surrendering – just Being


In this phase, it’s more natural to shift our gaze inward, to be deeply connected to our emotional landscape and to feel vulnerable. Our body craves to rest, retreat and restore.

Empowering practices for this moment of the cycle are Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra or Meditation. Of course, I am not saying to stop moving completely – we still need movement to process what we are feeling – but be extra tender and gentle with yourself. I invite you to carefully listen to every single need that your body whispers while you are on the mat. Modify, take break, release, put the knees down, rest in Balasana, lay down and breathe.

I used to smash myself on the mat very harshly, especially during my premenstrual phase and my period – because I was fighting back the need to rest with more activity, I was fighting back the whisper of my inner critic “you are fat” with more movements. And I will be honest with you, sometimes I still struggle, this process is a life-long one.

However, the more I allow myself to follow this down going type of energy, learn how to slowly release contractions on different level, the more I learn how to enjoy being in stillness, to move slowly, to be extra gentle and marinate in a soothing Yin Yoga or Restorative Practice.

Yoga on the Mat Sequence: Click here to access a 30’ Yin Yoga Evening Sequence to invite calmness: Set up your sacred space, dim the light, lite up candles and incense – make the time of your practice sacred and your own personal ritual.

I invite you to take your time, and slowly reconnect to your spectacular menstrual cycle, to learn from it and to feel deep down in your bones, the immense power of it. Next time you found yourself in the Inner Autumn, pick either the journaling practice or a soothing Yoga Practice to honour that time of the month, its own power and wisdom.

with grace and gratitude


Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels

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