if you’re interested in women empowerment feminine leadership and the reclamation of our own body has sacred, whole and beautiful you are in the right place.

In this blog post specifically, I will share the call I felt from my grandmothers during the first lockdown and how and why I consider Yoga and Menstrual Cycle Awareness as Women’s Empowerment Tools.

*I will refer to Menstrual Cycle Awareness as MCA in the text below.

The Call

I was always interested in women empowerment since I was a teenager, but things started to shift while entering in my 30s: I started to feel the pressure of society of having financial stability (At 31 I began a new life in Switzerland and was far away to be independent), thinking about creating a family and at same time keeping the body I had in my 20’. I realised back then even if Yoga did help me in re-building my self-esteem, respecting my needs and accepting my body I still carried a lot of inner silent wounds coming from women oppression.

I moved to Switzerland at 31 years old and after only one year Covid hit – for me as for many others it was a super intense and special time. As I spent a lot of time at home, isolated from the day to day routine, I was able to access a deeper layer of myself and connect my personal story with the collective consciousness as a woman.

I remember I found myself often crying on the edge of my bed thinking about all the millions of women in the last thousands of years that couldn’t express themselves, didn’t have any financial, economic and political power.

As you can imagine I was grieving. I was grieving the loss of millions of talents, capacities and the leaderships that we lost in silence, rage and invisibility. I am still very emotional from the idea that I am carrying in my ancestral lines women that could not express themselves, could not take care of their needs and they were basically invisible.

I felt a call that later became Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices.

Yoga and MCA as Women’s Empowerment Tools

I began my career as a yoga teacher back in 2013 and I introduced in my personal life MCA more or less in 2019-2020 and nowadays in my professional life: the intersection between these two is an incredible and powerful combo.

In the core of my work, I do believe that women should have in their toolbox for empowerment Yoga and Menstrual Cycle Awareness. They both helped me in reconnecting with my own beauty, the wisdom & sacredness of my body and the courage of my heart and voice.

Beauty and Wisdom of my Body

My Body is Sacred, Whole and Beautiful

Due to a Patriarchal way of thinking and toxic masculinity our body was diminished to an instrument to have kids, something to control, manipulate and abuse. We didn’t (and still don’t own nowadays) own fully our body.

This pattern of thinking hides still todays inside the wellness and diet cultures, unfortunately deeply connected to the Yoga Industry. I felt crushed by the idea that a Yoga Teacher and Practitioner should look in a certain way: white, thin and rich. Social Medias are also playing an unhealthy and toxic role in promoting that type of image.

Yoga gave me the tools to not only accepting and respecting my body, but also to become aware of the beauty, sacredness and wisdom of it. It helped me to shift my prospective: from cursing my hips to blessing my curves, from jumping on and off diets to nourishing my body with healthy food.And when, as women, we start to accept and deeply respect the power of our own bodies, we start to request to be treated with respect, learn how to set boundaries and step away from toxicity. And of course, we start to empower others.

MCA helped me to reconnect to the beauty and the power of creation: the more I learn to listen and live-in sync with the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle, the more I become aware of my power, possibilities and the wise knowledge my body carries as creator of life.

When we walk around aware of our own wisdom, we step in our full power.

Deep and intimate relationships with my needs

Yoga & MCA helped me in reconnecting to my physical mental and emotional needs.

I grew up thinking that I didn’t have any needs and I didn’t need anybody. In reality that was a strategy to keep peace with my environment, to make people around me comfortable and a desperate scream to be loved. If I didn’t ask anything, there was a higher chance to be loved and not to be abandoned. This unhealthy limiting belief is still deeply connected to the role we had to play in the last thousands of years: our grandmothers had to carry the flame of sacrifice, prioritising someone’s else needs and becoming invisible. When we are invisible, our mental, physical and emotional needs are invisible.

Especially the practice of Yoga off the Mat helped me in re-learning how to listen and speak to myself, nourish the courage to set boundaries and speak up.

I am the creator of my own life

With a constant Practice of Self Inquiry thought Yoga and MCA, I can dismantle all the old, unhealthy and limiting believes that keep me small, stuck and unable me to show up at my full potentials.

Check HERE to learn more about Yoga as a process of Undoing.

From the ashes of those limiting believes, I can rebuild my own, healthy and nourishing version of myself. Through a conscious, aware and deep inner work I can ask myself how I want to show up on Planet Earth, the quality of the energy I want to share and my biggest desires and visions. Because yes, I am the creator of my own life that despite the way I grew up, my background and despite how I look like.

I am doing this for my grandmothers, myself and my future kids. I want them to see an empowered and authentic woman walking on Planet Earth. The Patriarchal Society left visible and invisible scars we need to look at, in order to step in our full power and leadership.

What are you favorite Women’s Empowerment Tools?

Now I would love to hear from you: what are your favorite Women’s Empowerment Tools?

Do you also believe that Yoga and Menstrual Cycle Awareness as Women’s Empowerment Tools and that they can support us in becoming more aware, self-loving and self-empowered? Leave a comment in the section below, it’s time to open up, gather and create and strong and open-minded society.

With grace and gratitude