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Weekly Yoga  Zoom Classes

Our vision in Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices is to create and nourish and international Community of Women that move and breathe at the same time, with the same purpose: learn how to create and sustain Balance in the long term following our cyclical way of Living, the Wisdom of Nature.

Weekly yoga zoom classes happen always on Monday (18:00&19:30 Zürich time). But stay tuned, I am planning to add more and more and create an outstanding online Yoga Studio also with other brilliant Yoga Facilitators.

Easy Peasy way to join the class:

  1. Access the schedule, register with MomoYoga and create a personal Account:
  2. Book a Class:
  3. You will receive automatically the zoom link with the confirmation email.
weekly zoom classes

Yoga Flow Mondays 18:00 (CET- Zürich Time)

Yoga Flow, as suggesting by the name, is a slow and fluid practice. We begin always with Pranayama or a Centering Practice, followed by a Positions-based practice.

The fluid pace and the focus on alignment&foundations give you the time to become confident with the sequence and the Yoga Practice itself. We offer different variations and modifications to make it accessible to all level.

weekly zoom classes

Yin Yoga Mondays 19:30 (CET_Zürich time)

Yin Yoga is a style that uses a slower pace and meditative focus to relax, rest and restore the body. Every week we focus on different part of the body, meridian lines or emotional/mental aspects.

By holding the position from 3 to 5 minutes, depending on what we are doing, we apply a controlled and conscious stress to connective tissues and joints.


Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels