Nice to meet you guys, I am Rita Molina – responsible for the design and production of the Corpo Giardino’s line. With this Blog I would love to share my story with Vintage and how everything is coming together organically into the Corpo Giardino’s production.

My story

I fell in love with Vintage clothes and fashion during my years at “Liceo Artistico” – high school focus on art and design. During those years I used Vintage to express myself, in a unique and alternative way. Every day I could open my closet and find an infinite and incredible outfit matches.

It was a daily discovery that helped me in building my own style and find my voice.

I was passionate about street 70’ Vintage style, big jeans salopette, shirts with flower and geometric patterns. Years passed by, but my passion didn’t diminish…on the contrary I transformed that passion in work.

With my best friend Ilaria Tranfa – we met during high school and became inseparable – decided to open a small atelier in the center of Rome where we could produce and sell vintage items in several fairs in Rome.

First Love: Sofia Retro Bazar

Of course, that wasn’t enough, we wanted to expand and become bigger. We decided than to create the brand “Sofia Retro Bazar” where we could sew vintage clothes and accessories. Our style was elegant, feminine and retro.

We became expert in re-purposing vintage silk foulards, from the 50’, 60’, and 70’ – as we considered them the maximum artistic expression on those years.

The Italian production was immense and one most creative city was (and still is) Como with an incredible number of silk factories still running today.

Our purpose was to create unique products with silk foulards: purses, blouses, underwear and bathing suits.

Our brand grew organically and with time we were able to sell also in America and Japan. Our driving force was to re-use something that would have been throw away and give it a second life. As the material was in very good conditions, we were able to create elegant and valued products.

Our strong point was the production of a unique piece and being independent from the main stream market.

We were basically one of the first eco-fashion brands in Italy, in a period when it was not really trendy.

This type of work presented some challenges, as back then eco-fashion and the sustainable market was small with a unique niche. Despite that, we kept working hard, driving by the mission to lower the impact of fashion production and strengthen the process of recycling clothes.

Click HERE to check Sofia Retro Bazar!

Where am I today?

Years passed by and a lot of water passed under the bridge: moving into a new country and beginning a new life. Since 2020 I started my collaboration with Andre and the brand Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices.

I bring all my experience, creativity and love for sustainable for this project, producing yoga accessories, items for everyday life and clothes.

In this line we have another tool to lower the pollution even more: Block Printing Technique.

Do you want to learn more about Block Printing? Head to our Blog:

Combing this method with vintage fabrics for finishing touches and details allow us to produce unique pieces with more creativity and respect for people and environment.

We have so many ideas for the future, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

With love and gratitude