Today we would love to share with you an aspect of our production very important for us: Vintage!

Vintage? Oh yes, but what is vintage at the end?

Vintage is a particular style of designing and wearing clothes, repurposing an old fabric (giving a second life) into a new product.

In Corpo Giardino Yoga Practices we print fabrics by hand using:

  • Block Printing – to remain independent from the big textile market

  • Vintage Fabrics for finishing touches and small details – to give a second life to something that would otherwise be thrown away and to produce an unique product.

We believe we need a shift in the way we produce and consume: less to have more quality and long-lasting products. That’s why we are starting to apply circular economy’s principals, lowering the impact of pollution from our production.

Creating something new with things from the past… we can do that!

Our greatest aspiration is to become totally self-sufficient in repurposing and printing fabrics, both for creativity and ethics reasons. 

Most of the fabrics produced in the past have a high production quality and we can find them in very good condition. This makes them easily reusable in our production.

We have a huge heritage of vintage fabrics, it would be such a pity to throw that away!

In our artisanal collection we insert vintage fabrics especially inside the bags or for finishing touches. 

Like this small bag to carry your eye pillows or elastic band.


How do we choose a vintage fabric to use?

Well, here comes the incredible Vintage spy Rita in place.

She is committed to follow a weekly routine to find the perfect vintage fabrics to re-use: dig around and visit every vintage shop in her city.

The work of selection is huge, and it belongs to the process of creation and production. In this way we can always present high-quality and unique products.

Does Rita have a secret?

Yes, 10 years of experience and love for the vintage fashion industry. For this reason, we decided to use her virtuosity in Corpo Giardino’s line.

As we always say, we are a small business but with a big heart – for nature, people and environment.

Hoping to  hear from you soon,
With love
Andrea e Rita

vintage fabric