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The Process of Undoing in Yoga | On and Off the Mat

By |2021-09-29T11:08:10+02:00September 22nd, 2021|Educational, everyday yoga, mindset work, personal development, Yoga at home|

Yoga is, at its very core, a process of Undoing. Practice after practice we begin to remove layers of cultural, collective and self-limiting beliefs, past experiences, conditionings, bias and interpretations. It’s a never-ending process because we constantly evolve in parallel with our life. It’s the process of letting go who we think we are

Brain Overload _ Breathe to slow down

By |2021-08-11T09:13:15+02:00August 10th, 2021|Breath Practices, Educational, everyday yoga, personal development, stress relief, Yoga at home, Yoga Practices at home|

What is Brain Overload?   Before we dive in the definition of Brain Overload - or Information Overload, picture yourself in the following situation (unfortunately common): 10 Tabs are open in your browser: 3 unread emails, one draft, a document you are working on in Dropbox, Canva, Facebook, a zoom call you are attending,

15’ Mindful Meditation – Are my Body, Mind and Heart rested?

By |2021-05-26T14:54:56+02:00January 13th, 2021|everyday yoga, meditation, stress relief, Yoga at home|

As we continue to dive deep and explore the theme/need of rest, today I am very happy to share a 15’ mindful meditation to become aware of our physical, emotional and mental state. A 15' mindful meditation can support us in becoming more sensible of our needs to then put in place strategies/actions to

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