At the end of each Winter, I am astonished how, no matter how hard a Winter was, the little gems find their way out the snow or the mud.  

And so do we, as we are nature. Today I will share a Spring Yin Yoga sequence, to celebrate the upcoming Spring season, a time to blossom, for new beginning and a fresh start.  

For the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Spring is the time when from Yin we move towards Yang, and has the same energy of: 


  1. Morning 
  1. Our follicular Phase in the menstrual cycle  
  1. Waxing, crescent moon 
  1. Planning and brainstorming a new project  
  1. When we are ready to go out after a break up  


Do you get what I mean?  

Can you feel already a sea of creativity (I am talking not only artistic creativity but the power of creation of this season and our body) moving inside you only when we talk about it? 

In today’s Spring Yin Yoga Sequence, we will explore this energetic quality in the body, while we honour the 2 Spring Yin Yoga Meridians – Liver and Gallbladder.  


Liver and Gallbladder Meridian  


For the TCM 2 Organs pair up, one Yin and one Yang, and work on a specific task for our system.

They are not only merely physical entity but they are function. These functions reside in every part of the body, not in only one place.  


The 2 main Organs connected to the Spring Season are: 

  • Liver, Zang, Yin-like 
  • Gallbladder, Fu, Yang-like  


Their main functions are:

  • Store blood 
  • Regulate Chi Flow (Energy Flow) 
  • Controls Tendons  


When there is an unbalance in this set of organs, Anger could raise and make its way throw; on the contrary, when our system is balanced Kindness is prevalent.  

In my native language, Italian, the Liver is connected to Anger and bile is a clear synonym of anger or rancour, interesting right? Do you have the same expression in your language?

If you are interested in seeing the intelligence and evolution of the TCM, head here and check Yin Yoga for Winter Meridians: 

But let’s practice! 


Spring Yin Yoga Sequence  


This is a short and easy to go Yin Yoga sequence, with the main focus on a back bending and legs, as we want to target the Liver and Gallbladder Meridian.  

Ideal to be practice early in the morning or in the evening, in your lunch break or when you have time.  

 Set up your sacred space, light up a candle, and surround yourself with anything that makes you feel connected with something greater than us: flowers, a painting you love, your favourite poetry book

Beginning Meditation 

Sit in a comfy pose for the first 3 to 5 minutes, listening to your body, your energetic level, the quality of your thought. Simply shift the gaze inward.

When you feel you are ready, open your eyes and slowly move into the first position.

Sphinx 5’ 

  spring yin yoga


  Getting into the pose:   

Lay on your stomach, elbows under the shoulders and you can choose to keep the head up or drop it towards the floor.  


  • if you are feeling too much pressure in your lower back, move your elbows forward.   
  • Place your forehead on a block to support it  

Getting out of the pose:    

After 4’ slowly bring your forehead on the floor, as a counter pose. Feel sensations in your body, observe your mind and stay with your emotions.   


       Swan 5’ each side 

spring yin yoga


Getting into the pose: 

You can arrive in the swan position from Dower facing Dog of Cat pose, placing the right knee close to the right hand.  

Make sure you knee is not complaining, and adjust the angle of your right leg in order to have any discomfort in your knee/leg. To protect your front knee, keep your front foot flexed.  

Stay upright or lower on your elbows.  


If you are leaning on the side of your bent leg, place something under the hip of the same leg, block or a blanket, in order to center yourself 

spring yin yoga

Getting out of the pose: 

Press the palms away from the floor, engage your core and come back in Dower facing Dog of Cat pose.  


Practice the left side.  

 Straddle 5’

spring yin yoga

Getting into the pose: 

From a seated position, open your legs to a V shape – if you need sit on something – drop the chin to your chest and slowly begin to feel the wave of gravity pulling you down.  


If you have lower back issue, keep your back straight. 

If you suffer from sciatica, sit on something elevating your hips.  


Getting out of the pose: 

Without using the muscle of your back, press the hands and roll your spine vertebra by vertebra up.  



Lay on your back, cover your eyes with something, use a blanket and enjoying marinating in this position, feeling the benefits of a Spring Yin Yoga sequence.  


Questions and Observations  


  • How do I feel?  
  • Are emotions showing up?  
  • Am I fighting them or letting them pass? 


 If you have a journaling practice, it’s always inspiring and full of insights, writing your experience down after a Yoga class.  

At the end our Yoga practice is like a mirror of what we are feeling or experiencing in our life.  


Journaling Prompts 

  • What am I ready to let go in order to make space for new things? 
  • What do I want to nourish? 
  • Which aspect of my life are blossoming like small gems? 


As usual I hope you could benefit and enjoy this practice, and a support to live in harmony with nature and our own body.  

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With love and gratitude