Behind the decision to call this company Corpo Giardino-Yoga Practices, is Self-Nourishment Yoga.

I always loved this word: I love to pronounce it, I love the feeling when I imagine how my body, mind, heart and soul would grow and bloom if I take time daily to water the plants, give the right amount of light/shadow and a good fertilizer.

Because Self-Nourishment is all about it, right?

  1. Pay Attention
  2. Evaluate the Situation
  3. Undoing old and unhealthy habits
  4. Adjust to create a new one
  5. Repeat

I checked some definitions of Nourishment online and Oxford Languages offers the following:

  1. The food necessary for growth, health, and good condition: “tubers from which plants obtain nourishment”
  2. The action of nourishing someone or something: “the nourishment of our bodies and of our minds”

Self-Nourishment is at the core of every mindful practice, therapy and growth.


But why? Why is it so essential?


Because personal health is about living/thriving, not only surviving.

If you think about our “normal” life or day to day activity, we are often in a survival mode.

Due to the pressure we feel from work, family and other duties, we experience daily stress on a physical, mental and emotional level. Our system registers the stress as a threat and enters immediately in a fight, flight or freeze response: we feel constantly in danger, anxiety rises and depression might occur.

Our body becomes a doing machine, to arrive at the end of the day, hoping we can survive another day.

But we forget to live, to thrive, to just be!

We forget that our natural state as a human being is relaxed, grateful and in astonishment.

If we leave a person on an island for one week, without a phone, computer or any other form of distraction_ after a couple of days the body is relaxed and the heart is astonished in front of the beauty of the world and the fact of being alive.

Self – Nourishment is all about that: to let go of the unnecessary, simplify and use our inner resources to bloom, to create and sustain balance. In this way we can contribute and share with the world the incredible skills we have, not only following a to do list!

Talking about Inner Resources, check our Blog Post regarding Inner Resilience, where you can download a free meditation:

The Way of Yoga


Why is Yoga considering a way towards Self-Nourishment?

Through the Practice we can see what is not serving/working for us anymore, and with the Yoga Practice we can dismantle old habits to build a new sustainable and healthy House.

Yoga nourishes us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Before we dive deep, I have a couple of invitations for you if you are interested in integrating some of this habits soon:

  1. Please avoid integrating ALL the following TIPS all together. Studies have shown that to implement a new habit we need at least 21 days. Start small but consistent!
  2. Ask yourself WHY you want to implement a new Self-Nourishment Habit in your life. If your WHY comes from “I have to” or an impulsion, the habit won’t stick and fall after 2 days. On the contrary if your habit comes from a place of Self-Love and a Gift for yourself, your new habit will flourish and bloom.

What do you want to nourish?

1. NOURISH YOUR BODY_YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE: with the Practice of Asanas (Positions) we can release stagnant energy, emotions and blockages so that our Prana (Life Force) can flow freely like water to energize and nourish our entire system.

2. NOURISH YOUR MIND_ ADOPT A GROWTH MINDSET: with a regular breath and meditation practice, we become aware of our unhealthy mental patterns and shift them towards growth, patience and humbleness.

3. NOURISH YOUR EMOTION_ LEARN HOW TO LISTEN TO YOUR NEEDS: with a regular Yoga practice we can nourish a deep and intimate relationship with ourselves, our feelings and needs. In this way we can learn how to say YES to ourselves and respect & meet our needs.

4. NOURISH YOUR SOUL_ TAKE TIME TO REFLECT: when was the last time you took time to reflect about your life, your purpose and relationships? I personally love to practice one day retreat where I turn off my phone and other distractions, practice for myself, journal and reflect on my next step in a particular aspect of my life.

To what are you feeling more attracted to?

What do you think you need to nourish the most in your life?

Body, Mind, Heart or Soul?

Your Next Step

Take time to reflect and integrate one of these self nourishment practices in your life for the next 21 days. Share your results with us, drop a comment or send us an email:

I am here for you, supporting you in creating and sustaining Balance in the long term.

I know you have brilliant skills and talent the world is waiting for!

with love and gratitude