Get ready to bloom

Spring Quarter 2021


Energize, Explore with Intention

So glad you are here and we can meet in our Yoga Journey!

As a passion-driven woman myself, I know the power of our energy.

Always ready to contribute to this world in a transformative way.

Aways ready to give from our inner source.

However, I had to learn the hard way, through different burn outs, that in order to contribute and make an impact (job, family, community) on this Planet in a sustainable way, I needed to consider my energy as something sacred.

Yoga gave me the perfect tools to nourish my wellbeing and reset and refresh my nervous system constantly. Following the season of our monthly cycles, year and life in general we can sustain ourselves and others in the long run.

Nature works in term of sufficiency: what we need, we already have.

As Mother Nature is my orientation map, I decided to divide the year in 4 quarters (following the 4 different seasons), to cooperate with nature and be supported by it.

Spring Quarter – Get ready to bloom

During the Spring Quarter we will dive deep, practice and reflect around the need of Energy and Focus – with our online offers and free resources- learning how to begin the day with Intention.

Spring season has the same energy of a new beginning, our follicular phase and waxing moon.

It’s the perfect time to nourish our Morning Yoga Practice/Routine to begin the day with clarity and focused, learning how to remain centered during the rest of the day.

Get ready, roll out your mat, sit, move and breath to uplift your energy and intention.

Upcoming online Events


Do you wish to integrate yoga in your daily life, because you feel lighter, more balanced, grounded and whole after a class?

The desire is there but you are struggling to find the knowledge, having the guidance and carving out time for you and your practice. Thera are always appointments for other and online offers feel overwhelming and confusing.

If so, you are in the right place where to start!

Imagine if …

– each quarter (season) of the year you could learn different Yoga Tools to integrate in your life, respecting different phases of our life, day and year.

– integrate Yoga tools to bring balance and wisdom back into your stressful life, claiming time back for you.

– do it at your own pace, combing materials from live events, videos on demand and collaboration with other international yoga facilitators.

-finally learn how to built a regular, independent and needs-based yoga practice at home.

-use also other supportive tools such as Art to deepen our experience and connection with our inner universe.

Would your life be different?

The more you carve out time for you and for your at home practice, the more you can wake up your inner guidance and intelligence.

If you consider your body, mind, heart and soul as plants in a garden, every day you have two choices: taking care of it or not.

Are you ready to take care of yourself and bloom like a garden?

I am with you breath after breath,

with love

online yoga

Andrea helped me in deepening in my Yoga practice, supporting me not only in the process of clarification of my goals but also in building my own personal practice.

Andrea is a marvelous teacher who always make me feel safe and welcomed, so that I can fully express myself with authenticity and keep growing as a human being and a Yoga practitioner. I highly recommend to everyone to make an experience with Andrea.

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