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Yoga Towel Senape


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Yoga mat towel

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Yoga mat towel to clean your yoga mat, taking an extra care of hygiene. A personal Yoga mat Towel represents a great alternative to single use paper, so that we can lower the impact of our production. 

Due to its small size you can always carry it with you, in your shopper, yoga carry bag or pochette.

It is composed of two layers of fabric:

– the back side is soft towel
– front side is cotton printed with the Block Printing Technique with floral pattern.


  • Fabric – 100 % cotton
  • gentle hand washing 
  • Hand printed design&production ⁠
  • 20×22 cm

After days of brainstorming Rita carved a Poppy Flower by hand on stamp, creating the design pattern we use for the pochette collection.

We live closed to the mountains and Nature is our main source of inspiration, we only have to look outside.

_ _ _

During our market research time we fell in love with the Block Printing Technique.

Since the beginning of the Yoga Accessories and Self Care Line’s idea, was very clear that we wanted to create sustainable and long lasting products for the yoga practice and beyond.

Block Printing gives the possibility to make original and unique fabrics for every collection without being tied to the market of industrial printed fabrics. We consider each piece sustainable, eco friendly and a unique piece of art.

How does it work?

The block is carefully prepared as a relief pattern, which means that the areas showing white are carved with a chisel, leaving the image in black at the level of the original surface.
It is only necessary to ink the block and bring it into stable and uniform contact with the fabric for optimal printing.

We love artisanal production because behind the immense daily work there is love, creativity and respect for people and the planet.


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