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Eye Pillow – Pink, Forest


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Eye Pillow for relaxation in your Yoga class or daily life.

4 in stock

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Eye Pillow for relaxation filled with bio flaxseed, is a perfect accessor to deepen your relaxation in Savasana (relaxation pose in Yoga) or to help you fallen asleep.

Imagine yourself at the end a nice, nourishing or reinvigorating Yoga class slowly landing in Savasana, put an eye pillow on your eyes and enter a deep state of relaxation. We carefully choose the weight of this product to create a gentle but firm pressure on the eyes – stimulating a deep restoring feeling.

With the support of an eye pillow during relaxing moment, you will feel restored and refreshed. We also hope you would feel joyful and hopeful, as you have in your hands an artisanal product, handmade with total respect of people and environment.


Keep this eye pillow in your relaxation yoga tool box at home.

We decided to leave it neutral-scented, as we know that everyone has its own taste regarding smells or essential oils. Feel free to drop of your favorite essential oil on the external washable cover⁠ to personalise your experience.

We used Vintage Fabrics and Block Printing Technique for the handprinted design pattern, creating unique eye pillow for yoga.

We consider Vintage Fabrics not only a left over ready to be throw away but something “pre-loved”. Someone in the past loved and took a good care of that piece of item for a very long time until it arrived in our hands – ready to be loved again.

We choose high- quality Vintage Fabrics that we carefully wash and clean before re-using it, so that we can offer a safe and neutral scented product.


They great for relaxation, and they can be used:

  • room temperature.
  • warm (50 in the microwave – medium set or 8-10 in the oven, max 80°) on your eyes or around your neck to release tensions after a very long day at work.
  • cold:put it in the freezer for 10 minutes – to alleviate tiredness or during summer hot days.

If you practice yoga and have never used an eye pillow during savasana or Yoga Nidra, you will be surprised at how it deepens your experience. The gentle pressure of the flaxseed on your eyes lets you melt into the floor.



After a long research we found the perfect weight that promotes relaxation in the body, without resulting neither too heavy or too light.

Eye pillows are great travel accessories due to the small size and relaxing effect especially on long flights. You can store it or carry it with a practical small bag that comes with it.

Each product is handcrafted and may be subject to small variations that do not affect the quality of the product.


-Handprinted in brown with acrylic using the Block Printing Technique
-Design Pattern: Forest stamp
-External pink Cover 100% cotton washable by hand with cold water
-Filling: organic linen seeds

It comes with a small bag to store it or to carry it around. We will dispatch it with a medium size package with sustainable filling to protect it during the travel.

Handmade in Switzerland with respect of people and environment.

Care Instructions

Gentle hand washing with cold water.



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