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Eye Pillow – Lilla


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Eye Pillow for relaxation in your Yoga class or daily life

2 in stock

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These eye pillows with washable covers are filled with bio flaxseed. We decided to leave it neutral-scented, as we know that everyone has its own taste regarding smells or essential oils. Feel free to drop of your favorite essential oil⁠ to personalise your experience.

Eye pillows are great for relaxation, and they can be used at room temperature or cold – just put it in the freezer for 10 minutes – to alleviate tiredness or during summer hot days.

If you practice yoga and have never used an eye pillow during savasana, you will be surprised at how it deepens your experience. The gentle pressure of the flaxseed on your eyes lets you melt into the floor. They are ideal for meditation as well.

They can also help relieve sleep issues by promoting relaxation.

Eye pillows are great travel accessories due to the small size and relaxing effect especially on long flights.

Yoga eye pillows make great unique gifts.

Each product is handcrafted and may be subject to small variations that do not affect the quality of the product.


Fabric – 100% cotton⁠
filled with: only flaxseed ⁠

Colour: Violet

Design: geometric pattern lilla

External cover washable ⁠
Foldable in half⁠
comes with a small bag⁠

Handmade in Switzerland⁠


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