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Elastic Band for Yoga Mat -Lilac, Loto


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Elastic Band for your Yoga Mat | Vintage and Block Printing Technique

2 in stock

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With this practical Elastic Band for yoga mats, you could easily keep the mat rolled and store it in the yoga studio or at home.

When yoga mat are not close properly, they take a lot of space and look messy. With this practical elastic band yoga mat you can keep the yoga mats area clean and tidy.

If you are a Yoga Studio owner, please contact us in private, writing to: info@corpogiardino.ch, if you want to order big quantities, so that we can find the best deal regarding quantity and price. 

Ideal to personalise your yoga accessories set, or as a nice gift idea for your yogi friends.

Made with 100% pre-loved (Vintage) cotton, handprinted with Block Printing Technique.

  • Handprinted in black with acrylic using the Block Printing Technique
  • Design Pattern: Lotus Flower 
  • Handmade in Switzerland with respect of people and environment

Please notice that, due to the nature of our artisanal and vintage production, the product might vary in terms of colour or pattern. The fact that we only use Vintage Fabrics, to lower the impact of our pollution, could vary our production and final item.

Care Instructions

Gentle hand washing with cold water.

_ _ _

We consider Vintage Fabrics not only a left over ready to be throw away but something “pre-loved”. Someone in the past loved and took a good care of that piece of item for a very long time until it arrived in our hands – ready to be loved again.

We transform Vintage fabrics in something else, as our key word is transformation.

Where do we take inspiration from? Mother Nature of course, our mamma.

Waste in nature doesn’t exist, everything is recycled.

For our production we start from an existing “pre-loved” piece of fabric and dive it a second life. Block Printing Technique allows us to create unique and handmade design print patterns for each item we want to produce.


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