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Yoga Philosophy

Yoga gave me the tools to grow, become stronger but softer at the same time, to ask myself who I was and what I wanted to do. It supported me in the past, is supporting me now and I am sure it will in the future.

As a passion driven woman (with overachiever tendencies and perfectionism- I will be honest) I would bit myself up every day for not doing/pushing enough every day. Yoga supported me in soften that part of myself, listening to my needs (and find a way to meet them), and grow and grow and grow. It also showed me, WHY I was pushing so much, WHY I was desperately trying to put other in front of my needs, and WHY I was exhausted, always. I believed: I wasn’t enough.

Understanding how, when and why applying different yoga styles in my life was a key element for my growth. Feeling and understanding when I needed more energy or more restoration was essential to create a balanced in the long term.

Having a needs-based Yoga Practice helped me in stepping away from “I should practice this or that, follow this routine or intense physical practice at least 60′” and actually embracing who I am that day and how I can meet and nourish my needs, instead of denying them.

Every day we have the opportunity to co-operate with our sensations/emotions/thoughts, feel and transform them so that we can blossom like a beautiful, rich and lush garden. This is our philosophy: work on ourselves to bloom like a Garden.

Nobody can do the work for us, there is no magic shortcut to create and craft the life we want, with less stress and burnout and more balance, lightness and time for us.

But Yoga gives us tool to get there, if we truly want it.

So, why Corpo Giardino?

Corpo Giardino can be translated in English as Garden Body .

Our physical form – the body – can be used as a magnificent tool for self-knowledge and self-inquiry. It’s in the body that we feel sensations, emotions that are deeply connected to thoughts.

In the last 8 years, I always visioned my inner landscape as a beautiful lashing garden. If I don’t take care of the plants, water them or cut them when they are dry, the Garden perishes. But if I turn inward daily, cultivate and nourish the different aspects of myself and create a support system (unique and beautiful for each of us), then YES: I can see and feel a beautiful and flourishing Garden.

This is why I decided to call my yoga company: Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices.

Our purpose

The purpose of Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices is to create a safe, nourishing, supportive and stimulating environment for passion-driven women, where we can explore, practice and integrate different Yoga tools/styles.

We aim to find a balance between the Tradition of the Yoga Practice and a progressive and contemporary approach to techniques and practices.In this way we have the opportunity to learn how to “engage skilfully and mindfully with the events of Life” (Coby K.).

In Corpo Giardino you can find different Yoga styles focused on Asanas – from Ashtanga Vinyasa to Yin Yoga, Pranayama, breathing practices to nourish balance in our daily life and Mediation and Journaling.

Yoga has been misinterpret in the western world for a lot of years, shining the light only on the physical practice and forgetting about an holistic approach to Life. The world of Yoga is immense, and the practice of Asana and Pranayama represents only a tiny part of what the Yoga universe can offer.

Our Values

Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices is committed to making the practice accessible and inclusive, because we believe that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is an essential need of our society.

Accessibility – The Yoga Practice, as a support for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, MUST be accessible to the most of people, in terms of type of practice, financial resources and educational matter. Please contact me anytime you need a different and financial accommodation. I am here for you!

Equality&Inclusivity – Corpo Giardino’s team treat students, colleagues, eventual collaborators, visitors – anyone – with equality without any discrimination for their gender, age, sexual orientation and identity, profession or provenience. We are equal on and off the mat. We also want to provide an ACTIVE effort of inclusivity to students who until now, for different reason, could’t partecipate of afford yoga classes, workshops or immersion.

Professionalism – Corpo Giardino’s team aim to excellence and high-quality standards without forgetting our humanity and heart. We are committed to constant educate ourselves, not only in the yoga educational world, but also about the core key elements such as inclusivity and accessibility.

Mindful Presence for the Community&Commitment – Our purpose is to share the power, softens and the transformative tools of Yoga and being present for the community, every step of the way. We are commit to share Yoga tools with at the best of our capacities.

Generosity – My main passion is really supporting women into create and craft a more balanced life. For this reason, I am committed to share tons of free resources to get started with your Yoga Journey.

Accountability – It’s essential to add accountability as a core value in my journey. We are all human beings and it’s our job to be responsible for my thoughts, words and actions.

with love


Corpo Giardino’s Products

Corpo Giardino_Lab was born from our friendship: me – Andrea, founder and CEO of Corpo Giardino and Rita, Designer and Tattoo Artist.

Our life completely changed after we moved to Switzerland -yes the German speaking part – independently and for different reasons.

We met while our brain was smoking during a German course and yes, we are both Italian with a love for art, quality and a touch of nostalgia for our beautiful country.

Rita’s love for details and craftsmanship combined with my desire to expand Corpo Giardino with quality products related to the world of Yoga and Lifestyle, led to the birth of this collaboration based on shared ideals and a vision of a sustainable world.

Our main features are:

1. Block Printing Technique, an ancient and unique technique to print of the fabrics. We create a mould from wood or rubber, and print our unique design on the fabrics. To learn more read the related Blog Post: Block Printing Technique.

2. We use Vintage fabrics for finishing touches, small details and sometimes for the entire production: We do believe in giving a second Life and creating a Low Impact Products. To learn more read the related Blog Post: Vintage Fabrics in our Production.

Head to our e-shop to discover our producers and items in sales!


Every product you see and experience is handcrafted by Rita in Switzerland with natural fabrics, sustainable and respectful of people and environment.

Everything we propose is sustainable and respectful of people and environment.

with love

Andrea and Rita


Andrea Vannini
Andrea VanniniCEO & Founder
I was born near Florence in 1987, in a creative, curious and loving family.
I began to dance very early and the deep and profound love for movements, combined with an interest for inner work and self-inquiry, guided me into the path of Yoga.
I did my first 200hr in 2013, at 24 years old.
The tool of Yoga supported me in moments of burn out, deep caos, but also in joyful and exciting experiences.
Fascinated by the power of this tool in 2020 I felt ready to found “Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices” in Switzerland, beginning this new chapter of my life with commitment, joy and curiosity.
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Rita Molina
Rita Molina Design&Production - Yoga Accessories Self Care Line
I was born in Rome in 1979 and since childhood I had a deep love for art and creativity.
The experience in various artistic fields has trained me at various levels but my main love was fashion and tattoos that I still do today.
The search for a feminine taste, attention to detail and materials, as well as craftsmanship, has always been the basis of my work.
The collaboration with the emerging brand “CORPO GIARDINO” is my new professional and personal growth path. Working creatively in the realization of garments with a clean and feminine style fascinates me and gives me new stimuli.
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