Choose the path based on your needs

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.. you will practice Yoga based on your actual physical, emotional and mental needs.

..we will use different Yoga styles (Breath Techniques, Yin and Restorative Yoga, Progressive Ashtanga and Off the Mat tools) to meet your needs. Click HERE to learn more!

.. learn how to use Yoga Tools to bring balance into your life, reset and refresh your system so that you can sustain yourself in the long run. In this way we can go back in our life with more passion, purpose and joy! don’t have to scroll infinite Youtube videos looking for the perfect class for you in that day, you will receive a tailor made plan for you.

..take a deep commitment to carve out time for yourself, stepping away from stress and burnout.

..plan the private classe around our schedule.

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3 Meditations (Morning, Lunch Break and Evening) to lay the foundations for a balanced life. 

Once you signed up, you will receive weekly support and nourishment with free resources and Yoga Practices you can integrate immediately in your routine.

What are you waiting for, join the revolution!

    “Teach what is inside you.
    Not as it applies to you, to yourself,
    but as it applies to the other”

    Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

    So glad you are here!

    I am deeply passionate about private classes, to work one-to-one with a person, to see her/him/them blooming is a great gift I had the opportunity to experience many times in the last 8 years.

    Pure joy from heart to heart!

    How are the programs structured?

    I am so glad you asked, because I really care about this part. Imagine our program be like a cycle, with a beginning, development, end, pause and we begin again. I will make myself more clear – in EVERY program you will choose we will go through

    • Beginning – our 30′ free consultation to set up your goals, wants and needs, getting ready to practice and scheduling our classes
    • Development – the juicy part of our weekly one-to-one where I will sustain you to keep your practice active and regular
    • End – the last part of the program where we will consolidate your knowledge, leaving space for possible questions
    • Pause – following up from my side to keep you on track and celebrate your success

    … you will experience this with the Plant Seeds, Nourish or Bloom program!

    If you want to schedule only one privare online Yoga class the investment is 85 CHF.

    Do you still have questions? Please write to:

    “I met Andrea for pre-natal yoga during my first pregnancy, in 2016. The lessons were incredibly useful, and I kept going with yoga classes after the pregnancy. Andrea helped me to become autonomous in my practice, and I’m amazingly thankful for that. I then moved to another country, but I contacted her again for online classes for my second pregnancy, and it was great again”

    This is Axelle's Experience with private online classes