Since I started facilitating yoga classes back in 2013, I heard this sentence almost every time I facilitated a class. I used to have very similar thoughts, especially when I decided that I wanted to start a personal yoga practice at home.

“I feel so good after Yoga. I should do this every day!”

Does it sound familiar?

It’s a mix of surprise and confusion. If after a Yoga class I feel so good, uplifted and whole, why don’t I roll my mat every morning?

Yes, why?

Why what seems so easy on the mat in a group class or in a studio, it becomes so difficult at home? Why does it seem sometimes impossible to find time, concentration and a tiny moment for us?

Because it’s a process: every time we want to change a pattern and maybe create a new habit we face different phases and a lot of resistances. These resistances can be clear, but most of the time are sneaky and foggy.

It took me a long time before I could build and consolidate a regular yoga practice at home. Before I could unroll my mat in the morning, put myself as first thing and begin the day with:

How do I feel?

What do I need?

What can I do to meet my needs?

I remember thinking that I could plan my practice at the end of the day, after hours of teaching and working.. I thought it was easier, I was less stressed in the evening. After a deep work on myself I realize that I was postponing my wellbeing as last thing in the evening.

And when I shifted my practice in the morning, everything shifted.

Because practicing at home with autonomy is more than remembering a sequence or a specific meditation we did in class. It’s a shift of mindset.

It’s claiming back time for us, it’s stopping the world for 10 minutes listening to the sound of our breath. It’s learning that time after time we can lose the grip of control and forget our agenda.

And this needs a desire, time and patience.

My purpose as a Yoga Facilitator with Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices is to support you in guiding, building and consolidating an independent, free and needs-based yoga practice at home.

I invite you to ask yourself: Are you ready to bring the practice to the next level? Are you ready to step by step learn how to practice with safety at home?

Where are you struggling when you want to begin your practice at home?Is it a matter of time, lack of knowledge or confusion?
Comment below so that I can read your struggle and create tools to support you in this.

I know it can be overwhelming but we need to start somewhere, right? Where? From the ABC—> Sun Salutations :)

Check the video of one of my FB LIVE where I share the function and the practice of Sun Salutations, as a tool to boost your energy at the beginning of your day!

Please remember, I am here committed to be present for you.

And as it’s a process – a journey – I am ready to support you in any steps of the way. Step by step, breath after breath.

with love