At the end of each year we have so many new year resolutions to put in place from January on:

  • hit the gym 
  • be on a diet
  • start a new project
  • meditate all day 

…and the list could go on and on!

How many days does it last? Well, if we are lucky new year resolutions last a couple of weeks – but then we slowly begin to forget what we decided our new year would be. Does it sound familiar?

To me yes, because the mind can be very lazy and in order to integrate a new habit we need to put the work on the table and keep showing up. Head here to read more about it:

I also believe that if we want to do something new, we need to ask ourselves how we want to be first. When that is clear, our actions will come from a place of being and not the other way around. 

Today I would love to share with you a different approach to think about your 2021. I mean, 2020 is/was a very interesting year and we want to be ready for the next one, right?

Well, I do!

Follow these next steps and see what it’s unfolding to you. If you want to work on paper here’s the link to download the PDF with the same process: PDF DOCUMENT


  1. Sit in your sacred space, take a couple of Breaths, land into your body. Light up a candle, palo santo and ask not to be disturbed for the next 15 to 30 minutes. 

Ask yourself: 

  • which quality I would love to bring and nourish in 2021? 
  • How do I want to feel in 2021?
  • What is the feeling or experiences you want to cultivate?

Take some time, maybe you will come back several times to these questions and that’s totally normal. 

I often observe that it’s not easy to clarify what we want or what we would love to cultivate, and it’s easier to observe what is not working or functioning in our life. If you are able to see that, maybe you want to nourish the opposite quality. 

I am happy to share my process with you. 

My turn

In 2020 I worked a lot on my mindset (off the mat work), and I saw that often my energy/thoughts and feelings were under my shoes.  Being inspired by that, after a meditation the word UPLIFT came up into my mind.  

In 2021 I want to feel uplifted, and the quality I want to nourish is elevation

  1. Supporting actions. Now that you wrote down a quality you want to nourish, ask yourself: what are the concrete actions I can take daily, weekly, monthly in order to nourish that quality?

Make a list of things you would love to take in place. They can be very specific or a bit more general. Again I am happy to share with you my process. 

My turn

These are some actions I want to put in place in order to feel uplifted:

  1. Practice core strength 3 times per week: 20 minutes pilates. 
  2. Keep myself grounded: daily morning yoga practice – keep learning and studying. 
  3. Stability: work towards financial stability and flow, nourish my social network (friends and business collaboration).
  4. Support: ask help when I need it and receive it without resistances. 
  5. Self care: respecting my limits (boundaries), weekly time alone for myself, practicing white space (not doing anything). 

You could see this as a pyramid: concrete actions as the base and the quality/feeling as the tip of it. 

  1. Write these things down everywhere, where you can see it daily. Block time in your calendar to practice what you preach. 

As I said before, our mind tends to forget easily and for this reason we need reminders :)

  1. Keep showing up for yourself and what you believe in. Despite what is happening in your life, you have the power to keep showing up. 

You have the power everyday to bloom like a Garden -like a Corpo Giardino

I really hope this was helpful and it’s serving you to find how you want to show up in 2021. 

Are you ready? I am! If you feel inspired by this, share it on Facebook, IG or with your best friend. Share the quality if want to nourish in 2021, I am here for you!

with love