Morning Boost Yoga: the power of Sun Salutation

How would you feel if you get up early enough to roll your mat, light up a candle and move and breathe when the rest of the world of your family is still asleep?

How would you feel if you could move in silence and start your day with your feet on the floor and not in your spinning mind? What if you could have access to a morning boost Yoga?

I know from my personal experience, that when I take care of my wellbeing in the morning, even if it’s only 5 minutes, I start the day with more focus and energy.

My heart is open to face the day with joy and excitement.I have a completely different relationship with myself, people around me and my job.

As a passion-driven woman, I love to use all the energy that I have for my job, my intimate and close relationships in a nourishing and loving way.

However, I had to learn how to fill my cup first and take care of myself (physically, mentally and emotionally) before I can even speak or relate to others or my job.

My morning Yoga Practice (even for 5 minutes) has become not-negotiable, and I truly and sincerely hope that it will become soon also for you.

Are you wondering how? Let’s have a look together to a morning boost yoga practice easy to remember and integrate: Sun Salutations.

From overwhelm to a realistic strategy

We can’t expect to have the same results while doing the same things over and over again. In order to change a habit or a pattern we need to pay attention and shift something that is not working for us anymore.

I prepare some strategies for you to reflect on and of course put them immediately in action!

If you also want get deeper in this topic, I wrote a blog post in how to discover your WHY behind the practice to step on your mat everyday: click HERE to read it.


Have an honest look at your daily schedule and see when and if you can shift something in order to wake up 30’ earlier and create time for your practice.

Would you need to go to bed a bit early? Would you need to eat lighter at dinner? Is it possible for you to wake up 30’ earlier?

This awareness practice can be very empowering, as you shift from:

“I am overwhelmed by my schedule” to “I am in control of my time”.


In order to practice with momentum, you could think of preparing your space the evening before.

Set your mind already for a successful morning.

When I have a goal in mind, preparation is everything: it supports me in living, practicing and working in a momentum, like surfing on a wave.


The following step? Just. Get. On. Your. Mat.

Yes, step your feet on your mat, place your heart together in front of your heart center, deepen your breath and move. Move with intention, enjoy the beauty of not being disturbed and the intimacy of the morning.

You know already that you would feel energized and brand knew after your yoga practice.

And if you are thinking right now “But I don’t have time in the morning”, keep reading because I have a solution for you.

3 Sun Salutations A + 3 Sun Salutation B are in total from 10’ to 15’.

They are a complete practice, as we move and open up the body, re-balance our nervous system. After only 10 minutes we could already feel more focused, energized and ready to face the day with a completely different approach.

It can be a real boost for your morning.

We can then reconnect with our passion, purpose and go back into the world with more joy and confidence.


When we want to shift our habits, we might have a lot of good intentions for the first 3 days, but then slowly our old patterns find their way back into our life.

Please don’t judge yourself harshly if that happens: it’s a completely normal process.

Be aware of that, observe yourself in a loving way.

If you see that you stopped practicing after your initial good intentions, go back to this process, over and over again.

Use affirmations or personal mantras to start to shift your mindset from:

“I don’t have time for me” to “The time for me is not negotiable”

It takes time until we can learn a new habit, and integrate it in our daily life.

Your next step

As I am an action taker, I invite you to take action right now. Two choices:

1. Go through these points and tomorrow morning practice together with me Sun Salutations with the video you find at the end of this blog post.

After you have done it, comment in this blog post how you feel and how you approached and experienced your day. Tell me how you felt after, how was your energy and intention for the day.

2. Or sign up for 5 MORNING YOGA PRACTICES SERIES TO BEGIN YOUR DAY WITH MORE INTENTION AND AWARENESS clicking HERE or signing up at the end of the page.

I know you can do it – I know you can start to take care of your wellbeing, so that you can go back into the world with fresh energy and more focused.

If you have questions, I am here for you!

with love

5 Morning Yoga Practices Series to begin the day with more Intention and Awareness