How can we apply Low Impact Tools in the Corpo Giardino_Lab’s Production? How can we apply the principles of Yoga to produce something ethical and in full respect for the people and environment?

These were the main 2 big Questions that me and Rita faced when we decided to start collaborating and begin our adventure of Corpo Giardino_Lab back in 2020. We decided to use natural fabric, to be inspired by elements of nature for our design and to use Vintage and Pre-loved fabrics for small details, bags and finishing touches. We opted for then a Low Impact _ Yoga Accessories’ Production.

Did you notice that I used the term Pre-Loved? Rita shared with me that, in the fashion world and industry, pre-loved is used to define something (fabric, toys, furniture and so on…) that describes an item that was previously owned – and therefore loved. Isn’t it such a lovely way to describe something that has been owned, loved and repurposed for a new production or simply sitting in a new home?

I remember when I was a kid and young teenager, once or twice a year my family used to organise small parties where everyone would have brought clothes to swap. Well, when I heard the word pre-loved, those memories came into my mind. I was so excited to take “new” dresses, pants, scarfs (without paying anything) and simply give something back. I didn’ know back then, but THAT was a clear example of circular economy.

How do we use Vintage or preloved in our Low Impact _ Yoga Accessories’ Production?

In Corpo Giardino_Lab we use Vintage and Preloved Fabrics for finishing touches and small details – to give a second life to something that would otherwise be thrown away in a pile of trash. We all know that at this point it’s necessary to shift in the way we produce and consume: less to have more quality and long-lasting products, lowering the impact of pollution from production and consumption.

Most of the fabrics produced before the era of capitalism began ( overproduction and overconsumption) , are still in good condition with high quality materials.Why? Because it needed to last, maybe for an entire life and this is what makes them easily reusable in our production. Mother Earth doesn’t waste anything: every single natural element will be re-used and re-transformed into something else. Remember what Alber Einstein used to say?

Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” (Albert Einstein).

In our artisanal collection we insert vintage fabrics for finishing touches, details or for bags we use to deliver our product. Our greatest aspiration is to become totally self-sufficient in repurposing and printing fabrics, both for creativity and ethics reasons.

Here below I am very proud to share with you a couple of ways we use preloved and vintage in our production.

Low Impact _ Yoga Accessories' Production

How do we choose a vintage fabric to use? Well, here comes the incredible Vintage spy Rita in place. She is committed to follow a weekly routine to find the perfect vintage and preloved fabrics to reuse: dig around and visit every vintage shop in her city. The work of selection is huge, and it belongs to the process of creation and production. In this way we can always present high-quality and especially unique products: every item is different and a composition of time, love and attention for details.

Does Rita have a secret?Yes, 10 years of experience and love for the vintage fashion industry, a virtuosity we decided to integrate in Corpo Giardino_Lab. As we always say, we are a small business but with a big heart – for nature, people and environment. Click HERE to read her story.

How do you reuse preloved items?

Now we are very curious to know:

How do you repurpose or reuse vintage and preloved fabrics in your day to day life? Share it with us in the comment section below!

I’ll go first: before I throw away an old and stained t-shirt I cut it into pieces that I will use to clean and dust the shelves of my apartment. Did I receive this tip from an influencer? No, my grandmother used to do it and I am happy to carry this habit with my generation.

with grace and gratitude

ps: Rita opened up her closet and shared with us SOME of her infinite preloved fabrics collection!

Low Impact _ Yoga Accessories' Production Low Impact _ Yoga Accessories' Production Low Impact _ Yoga Accessories' Production