Welcome to a new Blog Post here in Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices, that belongs to a longer series about Inner Seasons Menstrual Cycle. 

In today’s Blog Post, we’re going to talk about a season of the menstrual cycle Inner Spring, which is a specific season inside our menstrual cycle. This is the part 1 or the four episodes series that I will do during the year 2022, to discover the inner seasons of our menstrual cycle. I synchronised the writing of this Blog Post with the soon Spring Equinox 2022, because it’s interesting and fascinating to realize that the outer seasons is a mirror of what happens inside and vice-a-versa.

If you want to have an idea about Inner Winter and Yoga Practices to support your menstruation, check this Blog Post: https://corpogiardino.ch/sync-yoga-with-your-inner-winter-bleeding-time/

Today we’re going to discover the elements, the challenges of Inner Spring – and at the end, I will share a couple of ideas for rituals and yoga practices you can do to nourish the needs of this season (also an opportunity to work with me and explore the intersection between Yoga and Menstrual awareness).

Inner Spring

First of all, what is Inner Spring? When does it happen during our menstrual cycle?Inner Spring is also known as the follicular phase and it begins at the end of menstruation.

Yes, it begins at the end of menstruation, but to be more precise is the second half of the follicular phase. The first half of the follicular phase is in reality, menstruation itself. On day number one – which is the day when we bleed – is the beginning Inner Winter but also the beginning of a new cycle. On that day, as there is any implantation of a new embryo – our brain begins to produce FSH – follicular stimulating hormone – that stimulates the growth of follicles in the ovaries. The follicles are like little sacs that contains eggs.

Follicles start to produce oestrogen, a hormone well known to be the good mood hormone that makes us feel strong, in a good mood with a lot of energy. We are less introspective and more extroverted. And for Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Inner Spring begins when we stop bleeding and spotting; approximately from day six to day 11.

And we say approximately because the menstrual cycle is very unique for everybody.

Elements of Inner Spring

Now that we know the basic about Inner Spring, let’s discover and explore the main elements.

The first element that we can encounter is the rise of energy after menstruation; it really feels like coming out of a cave: we’re more extroverted, our focus starts to go outward again and we feel ready to socialise more.Inner Spring is an incredible, and in interesting time to explore our creativity and to explore new ideas, possibilities, and to brainstorm new projects.

On the other hand, It’s also a moment of vulnerability and tenderness.Think about the gem on a tree in the outer season of Spring: it’s a symbol of a new life of a rebirth after winter, but the gem it’s still very vulnerable and tender.That’s why it’s important to be mindful in the way we come out of menstruation: be mindful of the way we manage your energy to protect it and to make sure that we don’t go 100% full in after the bleeding time.

Inner Spring is also connected to our innocence and to explore our relationship with our inner child; that part of ourselves still capable of dreaming big, like a child.

Rituals & Journaling Practices

How can we nourish, support and be mindful of Inner Spring in our Yoga Practice?Today I share with you a couple of journaling prompts to use and a Ritual for the transition towards Inner Spring. Now that you track you cycle regularly, Inner Spring doesn’t arrive out of the blue. The transition from Inner Winter to Inner Spring is easy to detect, as we stop bleeding.

The first invitation is to schedule time in your calendar and mark this moment of passage during the month (and also the other moment of transitions during the menstrual cycle).Find a quiet moment for you and make it very personal and intimate: light up a candle, incense or burn some herbs.

  1. Journaling

Take your journal and start exploring your relationship the main elements of Inner Spring.Here’s some example of journaling prompts:

  1. What is my relationship with creativity?
  2. What is my relationship with in a sense, what is my relationship with my inner child?
  3. What is my relationship with my energy?
  4. What is my relationship with my desire and libido? (That’s another aspect that I forgot to mention that we have, um, arise also in desire and sexual desire)
  5. What is my relationship with a vulnerability?
  1. Ritual for the transition to Inner Spring: Meditation + Setting an intention.

Something that I really love to do and encourage my students to practice, is to celebrate the moment of passage between the seasons. At the beginning of you Inner Spring, schedule time in your calendar, sit in meditation and reflect on one of the main elements of this Season. Set an intention for the days of Spring: what do you want to work on? Innocence, Desire, Creativity? There are millions of possibilities, really be creative.

Last thing, really important, to clarify the approach of this work: the elements that I mentioned before are in orientation map as the cycle is very unique and our perception might vary and be influenced from different aspect of our life. Celebrate you uniqueness!

To sum up + your next step

My last invitation is : be and stay curious! Be curious about who you are and what you can discover with a self-inquiry tool like a Menstrual Cycle Awareness and Yoga. I promise you, will be astonished by what you will discover.

If you are interested in deepening this work, I will lead a 2 hours Workshop on March the 20th 2022 on Inner Spring: we will discover together and dive deep in the main elements, rituals and we will practice together a 60’ creative Yoga Flow for Inner Spring.

For each participants, I will donate 10 CHF and book nights in Ukraine in airb&b, as a support of direct help for people there. A small gesture to keep our humanity alive.

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In case of questions, I am here for you

With love


Inner Seasons Menstrual Cycle - Inner Spring