Nourish your Wellbeing

Yoga Classes Graubünden

For the Yoga classes in person we are committed to the same mission: supporting passion-driven women looking for more balance into their Life.

As we believe in the power of community (kula) we aim to create a solid network of women, through the Yoga Classes in Graubünden, supporting each other.

In each class you will find Support, Nourishment, Respect for your body and nature, by practicing Yoga to reset and refresh our nervous system.

All the classes in person are guided in German and English if needed.

To reserve your spot write to: or via WhatsApp: 077 528 9256

Yoga Classes Graubünden
Yoga Classes Graubünden

Group Classes

Group Yoga Classes are unique: people in the same room moving and breathing at the same time, with the same purpose. Only the fact of being together under the same roof, with the same intention and purpose, can be extremely powerful and transformative.

To learn more about the style, please click HERE!

From April 30th, the classes in Chur will be active again. We decided to keep the groups small, so that we can practice without a mask.



Trial (Probe) – 20 chf

Drop in (single lesson) – 28 chf

5-class package (valid for 2 months) – 125 chf

10- class package (valid for 3 months) – 230 chf*

If you purchase a 10- class package and you have SWICA as your health insurance with a package with prevention in it (PREVENTA and/or OPTIMA), SWICA will refund you up to 600 CHF.
Ask us for more info: and/or Giuseppe Lento in Swica

If you purchase an abo, you can use it all facilities.

Terms and Conditions

Private Yoga Classes

Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices gives you the opportunity to build up your practice based on what you need in this moment of your life. Everything in the comfort of your home.

Not only you will be guided in a Yoga class, but you will receive PDF materials to support you in tracking your practice and inspiring readings.

Sometimes it’s difficult for us to find the time, organisation and commitment for a regular Yoga Practice. With the private classes we schedule our appointments around your schedule.


  1. We schedule a first 30′ complementary meeting – live or on line – where we dive in your purpose, wants and needs.
  2. Schedule the private sessions based on both availability.
  3. At the end of the program we schedule a Follow up meeting to track progress, unpacking resistances and celebrate your success.


1 60-minute private lesson – 80 chf (if you live outside Chur, price might change due to commuting)

Package of 3 private lessons (valid 2 months) – 234 chf

Package of 5 private lessons (valid 3 months) – 375 chf

Package of 10 private lessons (valid 4 months) – 750 chf

“Teach what is inside you.
Not as it applies to you, to yourself,
but as it applies to the other”

Tirumalai Krishnamachyarya