When was the last time you were able to stop, take a break for you and follow the intelligence of the body

Today I want to talk about our magnificent and incredible body that gives us the possibility to have an experience on this Earth. 

While we keep working, planning and doing our daily tasks – our body keeps functioning, breathing, digesting, moving etc.. without that we have to think about it, for even for a second. Isn’t it amazing? 

So for the next 5 minutes stay with me, as we embark on a Journey to follow the intelligence of the body. 

Am I really listening? 

We hear this sentence a lot: listen to your body, follow the intelligence of your body. 

But yes, what does it mean exactly? 

Have you ever wondered: what I am supposed to do to listen to my body?

If yes, you are not alone. 

How are we supposed to listen to our bodies and receive information with the stream bottom-up when we are always in our head?

The most of the time we arrive to listen to the body when we cross a boundary (physical, mental or emotional) and our body shuts down, forcing us to stay in bed with headache, being sick or completely exhausted. 

Because our body doesn’t speak with thoughts or chatter. 

Sometimes it’s primitive, sometimes it’s a subtle message. 

From my experience as Yoga facilitator I can see to main obstacles in my personal experience and the one of my students:

We don’t know how to read the language of our body 

We don’t know what to do with it

How can we overcome these two main stones in front of our eyes? 

Follow me in the process that I found useful in my experience.

Paying attention 

It might sound very simple, but the first step is paying attention.

When we want to shift our attention to one point to the other, at the beginning we need to put an effort in it and follow a process:

  • Became aware that our thinking mind is not all we are: we are a complex system.
  • Commit to pay attention to your physical sensations and emotions in your body. Ask your thinking and chattering mind to step back – even for 5 minutes per day – and feel your body without expectations.
  • Commit to move your body daily, even for 5 minutes – with a Yoga practice or simply give permission to your body to move intuitly without telling what to do. 
  • Another good way to get to know the language and signs of your body is to journal. When we write down how we feel, we might recognise some patterns in the way physical sensations or emotions show up in our body. 

After almost 10 years as a Yoga Practitioner, without considering the 20 years I spent in a dance studio, I can openly say that I developed an intimate and clear relationship with my body. 

Now I know where shame is my body: my belly and right side.
Now I know where depression and joy are in my body: my heart. 

Now I know where fear is my body: my hips and pelvic floor. 

Now I know where trust is my body: under my belly, at the core of my being. 

What do I do with the informations from my body?

Stay curious about it, take your time to learn different nuances and shadows.

Yoga is a path of self-reflection and self-discovery, so that we can work on ourselves, learning how to let go what is not functioning properly anymore and maybe set a new direction.

Having a intimate relationship with our body is like having an inner compass to navigate stressful situation, refresh our system and re-balance our energy level. 

Your next step

So, what I am going to ask you today is to commit for 1 week to listening to your body, practicing with me 20’ Slow Flow + 10’ Movement Improvisation (+ journaling). 

If you can’t find 30’ per day, do it for 5 minutes and after one week, let me know how it goes!

By developing a deeper and wiser attention to our body, we can learn how to meet our needs – keeping our system balanced, fresh and avoiding burnout. 

I can’t wait to hear from you!

with lots of love and gratitude