In Today Blog Post’s we’re going to talk about daily body-based wisdom, its own definition and the role of a body-based practice like Yoga. And of course, why it’s so important.

We’re also going to close with a simple daily body-based wisdom practice to reconnect immediately with your own body. We hear a lot in inside the yoga world terms and expressions like embodiment, embodied yoga practice, follow to the wisdom of your body, but what does it really mean?

How we can reconnect to a body-based experience through the yoga practice?

This Blog Post is for you is especially if you find yourself often overthinking, overanalyzing, dealing with a very super busy mind. This Blog Post is especially for you If you feel often numb and disconnected, foggy and with very low energy.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

The act of wise embodiment

First of all, I want to go a bit more deeper about definition of embodiment or body-base and wisdom. Embodiment is the act of incorporate or integrate something in our own experience. What does it mean?

For example, when we embodied a quality in our life, we are leaving and we are experiencing that quality with every single cells of our beings. We are living that quality, we’re breathing that quality, we are anembodiment of that quality. That means that that quality isn’t something external from ourselves, but it’s something that we have integrated and incorporated in our life.

Body-based means that we use the body as an instrument to re-learn, experience or simply feel ourselves. In the yoga world, it’s also indicates the importance of not trying to spiritually bypass. Bypass is the tendency that we often find in esoteric practices, where we deny, we want to transcend or to give up our own physical body.

Here in Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices we want to listen to the body, we want to see it as an orientation map, as a source of resources, information, and our own story. We want to be immerge in our own bodily experience, even if (I would say – especially when) it’s not pleasant, funny and light.

In this time of history, we spend the most of our life thinking over analyzing and using a lot our logical and intellectual mind: that part of the brain carries us through our day-to-days activity, work and is ideal for planning, organizing and find structure. This part of our mind is so developed that we forgot our body along the way. We spend the most of our life, unfortunately disconnected from our physical body – until we shift the attention.

When we start to reconnect and recreate a very intimate relationship with our body, we can reconnect to the wisdom of it; a wisdom and intelligence that was able to survive, live and reproductive itself since millions of years.

Wisdom is the quality of having an experience knowledge and a good judge.

How can we reconnect to the wisdom of our own body then?

Through body-based Practices – and Yoga is one of them.

Yoga as an act of self-inquiry

Yoga is at the end an art of becoming aware through movements, breath, practices, meditations. We can become aware, we can start to pay attention and finally feel an experience part of ourselves that there maybe I’ve been neglected to become whole again.

When we do that, we start to train the muscles of self inquiry, self awareness, and

learn how to listen to ourselves, to answer big questions, to find solutions and meet our own needs.

Remember that this is a process: we are not going to change our relationship with our body in two days. It’s a process and it’s going to be gradual.Imagine that we need to re-learn how to listen to a language that we don’t understand anymore and can’t understand with our logical mind. This process is not going to be linear and probably it’s going to be messy; but enjoy it, be with it, sweat with it.

Our body has its own tempo, rhythm and language.

When we sit on our mat, start to move&breathe, meditate or listen to ourselves – we are re-training the muscle of becoming aware of ourselves through the instrument of the body. The body is really an instrument, a vessel and an echo-chamber.

Why is it so important?

To have a deep and intimate relationship with our own body is essential and important to empower ourselves and others: we are able to answers to questions for ourselves, follow our own purpose and we are able to meet our own needs because we have established a deep and intimate and profound relationship with our own body.

The lack of self-awareness, control of our own needs and connection with our own purpose is being in a state of disempowerment. When we start to shift this process and flip this story, we empower ourselves.

Simply daily Body-based Wisdom Exercise

From my heart to yours I am happily sharing with you a simply and short exercise you can practice daily, on the bus and/or when you’re on in line waiting to pay at the supermarket.

I encourage you to find a comfortable position and click here below to be guided by my voice.


Take your time to go through this process: use this practice at the beginning or at the end of your yoga practice or anytime you want or you feel the need to investigate a bit deeper in your own inner landscape.

Share with me your experience, your insight, and also your struggles to have a regular body-based practice. I encourage you to become more and more and more body aware to be able to reconnect your wholeness, beauty, and wisdom.

Thank you so much for being part of this community,

with love