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Morning Yoga Routine for Anxiety

By |2021-03-31T14:58:01+02:00March 31st, 2021|Breath Practices, everyday yoga, personal development, stress relief, Yoga at home, Yoga Practices at home|

Waking up in pure bliss, listening to the birds outside and feeling cozy smelling the coffee coming up... is a miracle for the most of us. For a lot of years anxiety was my best friend in the morning: she would come with the familiar feeling of tightness in my chest, shoulders and neck,

Breath for stress relief

By |2021-03-18T15:56:19+02:00February 10th, 2021|Breath Practices, everyday yoga, stress relief, Yoga at home, Yoga Practices at home|

Have you ever found yourself with tensions in your shoulders, back, headache and barely breathing?  Does it sound like you? If so, you are in the right place as today I share with you a breath exercise for stress relief and why breath and our wellbeing are connected.  Before diving deep in our breath

30’ Yin Yoga Winter Meridians

By |2021-03-17T17:51:07+02:00February 3rd, 2021|everyday yoga, stress relief, Yoga at home, Yoga Practices at home|

As we are still in the Winter season, and in the Rest, Restore and Recharge program, today I am super enthusiastic to share with you 30’ Yin Yoga Winter Meridians.   It’s a 30 minutes yoga sequence to practice anytime you need a break, very early in the morning or late in the evening.

30’ EVENING YOGA PRACTICE – invite calmness

By |2021-03-17T17:43:56+02:00January 20th, 2021|everyday yoga, stress relief, Uncategorized, Yoga at home, Yoga Practices at home|

Have you ever felt exhausted at the end of the day? With energy under the shoes, foggy mind, tensions in the shoulders and an overwhelming feeling of tiredness? Well, if so, stay with me for the next 20 minutes to practice a 30’ evening yoga practice to rest, restore and get ready for a

15’ Mindful Meditation – Are my Body, Mind and Heart rested?

By |2021-03-17T17:42:03+02:00January 13th, 2021|everyday yoga, meditation, stress relief, Yoga at home|

As we continue to dive deep and explore the theme/need of rest, today I am very happy to share a 15’ mindful meditation to become aware of our physical, emotional and mental state. A 15' mindful meditation can support us in becoming more sensible of our needs to then put in place strategies/actions to

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