Dear beautiful Yoga Community,
This week I would love to share with you a very simple Yin Yoga Practice to do at home in the evening to honour the intimate and resting energy of this time of the day.
If you are new to Yin Yoga, please click here to head to the Yin Yoga Tool page and read a bit more about.
From a Yin-Yang point of view our day follows a cycle:
  • morning Yin towards Yang 
  • midday Yang 
  • afternoon Yang towards Yin 
  • evening/night Yin 
In Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices we aim to cooperate with nature and its cycle.  When we cooperate we are in a flow and respect our body, mind and heart.
What in the Chinese Medicine is called the Tao. When we stop cooperating and following the cycles of nature, we begin to fight. As a consequence of our fighting we bring stress and unbalanced thoughts and situations in our life.
For me, evenings are a moment of deep intimacy with myself and stress relief from the day. Not only do I have an opportunity to let go and flush out my system all the information that I don’t need anymore from the day, but I have an opportunity to rest.
Yes, to rest. 
I believe this is the revolution of our next century: to rest. 
We live in a fast forward and high demanding society and we are constantly pushing. In fact, what did I learn from the lockdown in 2020?
That we were/are living in a unsustainable way. Yin always reminds me to stop, step back and to stay still. It helps me to lower the volume of my fight&flight and tap in my rest&digest system. It teaches me how to bring back sustainability in my life.
Here’s a 20 minutes Yin Yoga Practice to do in the evening before going to bed. Enjoy!
1.Beginning Meditation 2-3′ 
Take your time to close your eyes and just be for a moment. What is your intention? Why are you on your mat today?
Inhale  with your nose 4 counts
Exhale with your mouth 8 counts

yin yoga at home

2. Wide Knee Balasana 3-5’
Sit on your heels and separate the knees as your yoga mat. Extend your arms forwards and relax the forehead on the floor.
  • if the button don’t touch the heels, place your forehead on a pillow
  • If you have knees issues make sure you’re not feeling pain. If you do, please skip this position. A good alternative would be to put a folded blanket between your knees and the calves.
  • for more relaxation place a pillow or bolster under your chest

3. Half Butterfly right and left side 3-5’
From a seated position, bend the right knee and place the foot towards the groin. If you need to place a support (block- fat book or blanket) under the knee.
Fold forward.
  • if you have sciatica, please sit on something and make sure that your hips are higher than your knees or if it’s painful please skip this position.
  • for knee issues place a rolled blanket under your straight leg.
    Repeat on the other side

4. Savasana – as long as you want :)
The queen of every yoga sequence. Lay down on the mat, cover with a blanket for extra coziness. Give permission to yourself to just be, while your body becomes heavy your mind, heart and energy become lighter.
If you have an eye pillow or a blanket cover your eyes.
Stay here as long as you want. Surrender to the resting quality of an evening Yin Yoga sequence.

I really hope you will enjoy this time for you, to rest and restore your energy. Preparing yourself and your system for a restful night of sleep.
And after you practiced it, did you enjoy it? Can you already experience benefits and transformations? Please feel always free to share your experience and thoughts with me. 
As I want to support you in any way possible, would you love to integrate yoga in any specific way in your life?
with love