Today is the day: myth busting time – 2 myths about Slow Fashion.

The more we develop and create sustainable products, the more we hear in the fashion market myths that would love to demystify today.

Some of these myths about Slow Fashion believes are so deeply rooted in our culture and society, that sometimes it’s not easy to see them.

I grew up in Italy and I remember that, as a teenager, I always wanted the last cool piece of jeans or t-shirts. As I didn’t have a lot of money, I opted for a cheap, kind of the same version, in a fast fashion shop.  


For me it was completely normal: this was what all the others were doing.

The idea to buy something second hand was not even passing inside my mind – it was almost a source of shame (I am talking about almost 15 years ago, when buying second shop was not hype at all..).


It was only around my 20s that I started to reflect and question what I was buying.


In the last 15 years we did a lot of progress as a society in terms of sustainable fashion and re-purposing our clothes, but there are still some myths I would love to demystify today with you.



Myth #1 Fashion needs to be highly productive, so that we can change clothes and accessories every day. Slow Fashion is asking me to dress everyday the same.  ⁠


This myth applies not only for fashion but for every product (cars, IT items, phones etc..) as we still live in a liberal society based on consumerism.

We consume more than we can afford and sustain and the idea that we need to have always the last trend is a FALSE believe connected to the nature of our society.

I grew up near the city “Prato” (Tuscany) – that was/still is one of the biggest fashion districts in Italy – and I still remember the storages full of clothes (literally a mountain, arriving up to the ceiling) ready to be throw away.
To keep our closet full of new clothes, we need what is called fast fashion.

On the surface, buying from fast fashion is easy, cheap and very quick.

The truth is:

🌿these labels have high level of pollution ⁠(the most of the time).
🌿as everything looks the same, one can’t really express himself/herself/themself.

🌿to keep the price so low they need low quality materials and the most of the time the conditions of workers are ⁠not human.

What are your thoughts about it? How do you feel knowing that?


MYTH #2 Purchasing products with vintage fabrics is boring, old-fashioned and I will look like my grandmother.

This was exactly what I was thinking when I was a teenager: I don’t want to buy second hand out of fear of being rejected from my friends as I desperately wanted to fit in.

Fortunately, after my teenage years I realised that buying second hand gave me an incredible opportunity to express myself, find my voice in terms of style and lower the impact of my pollution on this planet.


🌿Vintage fabrics are in good qualities even after 30 years (they were created in a period of time where the goal was to LAST)⁠
🌿Combing different vintage clothes makes your style unique!


How do you feel when you can express your style in a unique way?


As we always say, we can’t change the world and these believes in 2 seconds, but we can daily make steps towards a fair and sustainable way of living.

Our part is to create sustainable Yoga Accessories and Products for everyday life with Vintage Fabrics and Block Printing Technique, knowing that it’s not going to be perfect and there will be always challenges or learning curves.

Head here to learn more about our values and method of production:


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But we want to try and we are deeply committed to, as we desire to contribute to this planet and lowering the impact of our production.

One degree shift can lead to a revolution. 


With love