As we continue to dive deep and explore the theme/need of rest, today I am very happy to share a 15’ mindful meditation to become aware of our physical, emotional and mental state.

A 15′ mindful meditation can support us in becoming more sensible of our needs to then put in place strategies/actions to meet our need. In this case, it will help us to answer the questions:

  • Is my body rested?
  • Is my mind rested?
  • Is my heart rested?

You can easily practice this meditation in the morning, during your lunch break, on the bus or in the evening before going to bed.

Basically, it’s always a good idea to close the eyes and shift the gaze inward, to tune in with ourselves to understand and feel what we need.

But before we enter in our sacred space and practice, we need to ask ourselves: what is a need?

What is a need?

The Oxford dictionary defines a need as a situation when something is necessary or must be done”. In order to live and healthy life, it’s necessary to meet our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs.

Some basic human needs are: autonomy, integrity, celebration, play, interdependence, spiritual communion and physical nurturance (Marshall Rosenberg – Non-Violent Communication

Unfortunately, most of us have never been taught to think in terms of needs.

I can relate to this a lot: when I was younger, I used to say often “I don’t need anything in my life” or if I would saw someone always looking for intimacy, I would label that person as “needy”.

Realizing that I have needs and it’s my responsibility to satisfy them, it’s a life long journey. When I am aware of my needs, I can put in place strategies to meet them without blaming or judging others. What a journey, full of ups and downs – but for sure worth it!

The need of Rest

The need of Rest can be categorized as a physical nurturance, essential for us to function as human being.

I personally believe that the need of rest is often denied from the way we live. We work an unbearable number of hours, schedule our week with a very long to-do list and when we could be off, we still are restless.

Resting is not only sleeping enough, but also taking time off from work, social media and digital stimulation. The famous white space.

As I am high achiever person, I really need to check in with myself and stop when I am feeling tired. If I don’t pay attention and meet the need of rest, I push my limits heading to exhaustion.

A 15′ mindful meditation is the Yoga Tool I want to use today to support you in listening to your body, mind, heart and take actions. To meditate we don’t need anything fancy: yourself, a comfy place where to sit and 15’ undisturbed.

Are you ready? Let’s do it!

15’ Mindful Meditation

Sit in a comfortable place (that could mean on the floor, pillow, on a chair o lay down if seated it’s not an option for you today) and elongate your spine.

Gently close your eyes or soften them. Drop your jar, relax the muscles of your face.

Use the first minutes to land into your body, from your head down to your skin, organs, veins and bones. Being present with yourselves, connected. Shift your gaze inward.

Connect to your breath, your Inhale, your Exhale without changing anything, analyzing or judging.

When you feel that you are entering in a deeper meditation state, it’s a good time to ask yourselves questions:

  1. Is my body rested?

Scan the body a bit deeper, your muscles, fascia and any internal sensations you can detect. Observe if there are some parts of your body that needs rest. Again, without analysing or interpretations.

  1. Is my mind rested?

Observe the quality, the speed and the intensity of your thoughts. When your body is still, is your mind peaceful? Can your mind become still or it’s still distracted from work? Is your mind full of information you don’t need?

Please remember that the purpose of meditation is not the negation of thoughts: is becoming aware of what happens in our mind.

  1. Is my heart rested?

Observe your feelings, emotions and how they are connected to your thoughts. Again, the purpose of meditation is not bypassing or changing the way we feel (good vibes only is a false myth) just be present with them. Is your heart still or maybe there is something you need to look at?

Stay here as long as you want, and when you feel ready gently open your eyes.

Take time to journal if you want and have this practice and ask yourself:

If I detect the need of rest my body, mind, heart – what can I do today to satisfy and meet my needs? Concrete actions, strategies: realistic and comfortable for you.

A Restorative yoga Practice can be an amazing strategy to meet your need of rest. Head here to practice with me:

Again, a mindful meditation can nurture our sensitivity and connect with our complex and beautiful system of human being.

I really hope you could benefit from this practice, and if you have more questions or feedback please comment below.

With Love and Gratitude


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