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Sync Yoga with the seasons of your Period

Sunday 13th of February 2022 | 6pm-8pm via Zoom

A two hours free Masterclass to learn about the 4 seasons of the cycle, how to track them and shape your Yoga Practice based on the different needs of your inner seasons. To feel empowered, blessed by the wisdom of your body and ready to empower other women.

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Online yoga for women’s empowerment – it’s all about that. 

To welcome you properly I created already a gift for you: 3 Meditations Series (Morning, Lunch and Evening) to overcome the daily and stress overwhelm. No more excuses in postponing your wellbeing :)

    Online yoga for women’s empowerment

    Reconnect to your wholeness

    This is the place where you can learn how to practice and integrate different Yoga Tools daily on and off the mat and how to follow a the cyclical and sustainable way of living the Feminine Way.

    This is a place where we can reconnect to the sacredness of our body, our wisdom and a sustainable lifestyle. This is a place where to learn how to prevent burn out so that we can be out there to share our talent, leadership and skills.

    How do we support you?

    With online yoga for women’s empowerment –through free resources, weekly zoom classes, workshops, immersions, virtual retreats and courses – we support you in empowering your relationship with their bodies with Yoga and Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

    To bloom and flourish as a beautiful Garden (Corpo Giardino). So that you can share your brilliancy, talent and empathic leadership on Planet Earth.

    Following Mother Earth as an orientation map, we call back the wisdom of our body and our cyclical living – Wisdom.

    Last thing, but extremely important: as we are not meant to walk alone in life, here in Corpo Giardino_Yoga Practices will always find an incredible community of women, ready to support you, celebrate you and be present.

    So from our heart to yours: welcome!

    Me in a nutschell

    Yoga Facilitator, Trainer, Founder and CEO of Corpo Giardino – Yoga Practices

    So glad we can meet in our Yoga Journey!

    My name is Andrea and I am passionate to support you, a passion-driven woman like me, in empowering your relationship with your body with Yoga and Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

    By integrating Yoga tools daily during different cycles of the day, month and year, we connect to our inner feminine wisdom, learn how to manage our time&energy and create a sustainable lifestyle.

    I began my Yoga Journey at 24, after experiencing a burn out while I was working in a corporate company in Florence, Italy. I practiced for a lot years Progressive Ashtanga, The Rocket and other strong and dynamic Yang-like practice. With years (and after a lot of injuries as well), feeling that I was missing a big part of the picture, I started to integrate more and more Yin-like Practice (Yin Yoga, Restorative, Yoga Nidra), finding again Balance and Harmony.

    This was a true initiation for me: it led me to re-discover the sacredness of my body – especially my womb, my curves and my heart – the cyclical way of living through being 100% fully present during the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle. My heart resonated when I began to work on the Feminine energy in my life, my femininity and how to use Yoga to re-connect to our wholeness, sacredness after thousand of years of patriarchy.

    Yoga gave me the space, the time and the connection needed to begin to take care of myself. The different practices of Yoga showed me how to take care of myself, listen to my needs and find my voice.

    Nowadays with our online yoga platform for women I share with you my almost 10-years experience in the Yoga Space, with a zest of intuition, so that you can nourish your unique and regular Wellbeing in the long term.

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    “Yoga is a skilful and mindful participation and engagement to the events of Life” 

    Coby Kozlowski

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    “Andrea is a rare find and Yoga has enriched my life.
    Andrea is a very skilled , friendly, enthusiastic, caring instructor ,sensitive to individual need, making one feel like the most import student in the world.She has brought me to see that I have a unique phisical ability and improve my selfawareness.

    In the class I feel safe and protected as a result, I am able to calm my mind and keep my body health and strong. Improving my flexibility , balance, stretching, breathing and concentration.

    I have developed a deeper understanding of the art of Yoga and it has being making a difference in my life.
    Thank you Andrea. You are amazing !!!”

    Walkiria Flütsch-Rangel, Chur