Our Lab was born in the intersection between our friendship, the passion for Yoga and Sustainability.

Welcome in Corpo Giardino_Lab, a place where we produce Swiss-made low impact Yoga Accessories, based on the principles of sustainability and respect of people and environment.

We use basic natural and Vintage Fabrics handprinted with Block Printing Technique; everything you see is handmade with love and passion in Chur.



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Swiss-made low impact Yoga Accessories

Swiss-made low impact Yoga Accessories

Swiss-made low impact Yoga Accessories
Swiss-made low impact Yoga Accessories

We are so glad we can meet in our Journeys!

We are a small Business based in Chur (Graubünden-Switzerland) that presents artisanal, handmade, Swiss-made, low impact and sustainable yoga accessories and products for everyday life.

We called ourselves “Lab” because we are a laboratory of idea & new products based on the same shared values: sustainability, low impact and respect of people and environment.

Everything you see is produced by hand by our beloved Rita with eco-friendly materials and Vintage Fabrics. We mainly use Block Printing for our design inspired by nature, a technique that makes our yoga accessories and products unique and artisanal.

If you are a yoga studio, or a yoga festival or you simply want a bigger quantity, please contact us in private (info@corpogiardino.ch) so that we can find the perfect solution together.

Due to the nature of our small business and sustainable production , the design, colour or time of delivery might vary, as it depends on what we find available as basic and vintage fabrics.

This is our daily commitment to lower the impact of pollution of our production.

Due to the nature of our small business we normally ship once a week, on Friday morning/early afternoon. If you are ordering from Chur (or in Graubünden) we can organise a pick-up – just write us.

If you are purchasing from Europe or UK please check out the possible custom fees from Switzerland. Please read our Terms before purchasing any products. Thank you!

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During our market research time we fell in love with the Block Printing Technique. Since the beginning of the Yoga Accessories and Self Care Line's idea, was very clear that we wanted to create sustainable